Publishing house

The Publishing House of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw publishes scholarly monographs, exhibition catalogues, and popular science literature (including book translations). 

Our editorial and publishing activities follow the high standards adopted for academic publications. Approval of the text for printing and completion of due formalities is followed by the editorial work based on internal or scholarly reviews. The comprehensive preparation for print includes the indispensable revision, technical and typographic edition, proofreading, and proofreading revisions. The authors are afforded the opportunity to make author’s proof before printing. Scholarly monographs are furnished with indispensable back matter (incl. bibliography/references, indices, sources, notes, etc.).

The texts (publishing proposals) submitted for publication should comply with the subject-matter scope of our Publishing House––that is, contemporary/modern art and culture, social aspects of artistic creation––and meet the formal requirements as applicable with book-format publications, including academic.

The books published by the Publishing House are reviewed prior to approval for printing; the reviews are recommendation-oriented, the last say resting with the Publishing House’s editorial board. We rely on internal reviews (two as a minimum); with publications being scholarly monographs meeting the Publishing House’s subject-matter criteria, the submitted matter is subjected to scholarly review whose task is to request the approval for printing (with corrections/adjustments, if any) or rejecting the proposed material. The editorial board reserve the right to reject a publication proposal without referring it for review.